Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012

0h GameJam entry - Ultimate Evil King

Finally something to blog about again! It may not be news about RAAR but it still is about something awesome!

Last night between 2am and 2am(You know that time-set-back thingy) there was the 0hGameJam. It is a really funny concept and I did a little game for it.

My Game is called "Ultimate Evil King" and you play as exactly that, the ultimate evil king. All you have to do is to decide if your citizens will be killed or sold as slaves.

Sounds like fun? Well check it out: UltimateEvilKing.
(if you want music, just wait about a year until it finished loading...)

Also check the other amazing games here: 0hgames.

Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

Designer Update #4 - Underground level, New enemies and a first cutscene

So, it is time for a new update.
The game is really evolving great at the moment and I have more ideas than time to include them in the game.

The first thing I want to show you, this time is a bunch of completely new leveltiles. They will be for the third level in the game, the vulcano. But this time it is inactive and the inside look more like a cave.

 Up next I have some new enemiesprites for you. However that is not all, I actually made a complete new type of enemy, some big and heavy ones who walk really slow. Up to this point, there a three different types of enemies. This time they really behave different and not just look different like in the original XBLIG version.

At last I want to show you a first screenshot of the first cutscene. Of course it does make more sense if I would show you some footage but let us wait with that till it is completely done.

That´s it for this time. About that alphdemo... All I can say at the moment is that I am really getting closer to a playable build that I would like to share with you all, just give me a little bit more time.