Montag, 30. Juli 2012

I Am Back In Action!

After a very long time of unproductivity, I can finally say that I am completely back in action and will continue my work on "A forest life". Gone are the months in which I could only design some small little minigames in html5(however I will still make those because it is a lot of fun).

 This morning I went to my local supermarket and bought me some energy drinks, grabbed my design documents and copied all the important files to my laptop, so I can work everywhere I want.

It is all set up again and I am very excited to get back into development. My first task will likely be to rename the game since "A forest life" is not quite the interesting title I wanted it to be.

That's it for now, expect more updates soon. I am going to make me a coffee and afterwards, I will rev up!


Sonntag, 1. Juli 2012

No progress but "something" to play...

Hey there, yeah it's been a while since I last updated this blog. The problem is that I still have not the time to work with full momentum on "A forest life". This will hopefully change in a few weeks. Yeah, real life can be a bitch sometimes.
Nontheless, I am creating minigames in html5 and javascript whenever I have the time, so I still have my training for the big one later on.
Since all of those games are more or less moodbased, and because I was in a really bad mood the last two days...well just play it, it is strange and creepy and was inspired by Marilyn Manson and Fatal Frame.
I just can't wait to continue work on "A forest life" with full momentum, but at the moment, all I can give you are these strange little games.
By the way, urban legend has it, that if you played this, you actually played it...just to let you know!

Just click on the picture to start "playing"...