Sonntag, 25. Dezember 2011

Merry Christmas + First Three Screens!

Hey there,
I am just writing today to wish you all a merry christmas and some peaceful days. Of course I also wish for you to have some nice food and great presents too. ; ) I thought to myself yesterday that it would be great day to post the first three "real" screenshots of Retro Arcade Adventure, you know in the spirit of christmas and all. So without a lot of drivel there you go:

Have a great christmas you all!

Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2011

A lot of snow and...a freakin lag! second entry! Yupeh!
I thought I could just tell you about what happend to me last night while working on the game. It was one of those awesome moments when you ask yourself, just how much influence the making of a game could have.
Let me start at the beginning though. As you all should know, it is just about one week till christmas. Unfortunately we had no snow at all the past few weeks.
However, last night I suddenly had an inspiration how the Icelevel of Retro Arcade Adventure could look like, so I got myself a can of Monster(keeps me awake for several hours!) and started drawing pixelgraphics all over the place and in the end I had some sort of "Icetemple" that I was really satisfied with.
When I woke up two hours ago I looked outside and guess what? There was snow everywhere, heck it was snowing as much as in one of those christmascommercials. That was really an awesome moment, I can tell you!

However the sad thing is, I encountered a lag in Retro Arcade Adventure that really gave me a little headache at first. The game was freezing itself for the time of a wink and I just couldn´t figure out why.
Luckily about five minutes ago I figured that it had something to do with the loadingsysteme of the swordsprites. So no "two months lagsearch" like Ian Stocker had with Soulcaster2! pewh...

It´s still sundaymorning so I will go and continue working on Retro Arcade Adventure, have a nice sunday all of you!

Samstag, 17. Dezember 2011

Here we are!

Yep, it´s the first post...iam so excited!
Ok so what is this blog all about? It´s about "SIACTRO" an indiependent gamestudio, I formed with a bunch of friends. We are still at the very beginning but that won´t stop us at all.

Our first game will be a little interpretation of the "one against many" genre with some handcrafted retrographics. This game is called "Retro Arcade Adventure" and will hopefully be released on XBLIG, Windows Phone 7 and PC in early 2012.
Making games was allways a dream of mine and with SIACTRO, this all could finally become a reality.

I got to be honest: I don`t know what to say, Iam just hyped at the moment that it all finally starts.
I will however bring you some news, backgroundstories and insights into everything that matters for us and the whole gamingcommunity.
But for now I just want to say that iam so excited and will let you guys know everything that will be important in the future.

Before I go, let me show you one of the first screenshots ever taken of Retro Arcade Adventure:
(it was taken with a cam in front of an actual TV because I liked this 80´s feeling of making a SCREENshot)