Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2012

Global Game Jam - Challenge accepted

Hey there readers,
this post is not about Siactro or Retro Arcade Adventure but rather about a really awesome event that is starting tomorrow(depending on the place you call your home). It is the Global Game Jam, a workshop that challenges you and your team (if you have one...) to create a game in 48 hours(sounds familiar ey?). The really awesome part is that it will happen at special locations(universities, schools, your mom's garage?) who will host this event. Me and some friends will get together tomorrow at the cologne game lab, one of our local hosts for this event.
There will be a special keyword that we have to incorporate into our gameconcept. From the moment we hear that word, the 48 hours start ticking. It is truely an awesome event and I will keep everybody over at Twitter updated during the event. With a lot of livecams and documentations afterwards it is really an interessting thing to check out.
Hope you will enjoy the interessting games that this event will produce.
Until tomorrow then! See you on Twitter!

Montag, 16. Januar 2012

I love thy hate.

Strange title isn´t it? Ok well let me explain this: As you may know, the guys at posted some news about Retro Arcade Adventure a few days ago(Thank you so much!) and I can´t thank them enough for that. It was a nice written newsentry and I was really flattered. In fact it was the very first bit of text that was written about one of my games ever. 
Now for the interesting part, the comments. At the moment Iam writing this blogentry, the news got about 14 comments, not counting the four bots or the one positive and one offtopic comment that is about seven comments full of criticism(a few really fair one though). The part that was criticised the most was the visuals of the game. As you know, it is not really 8bit but it was inspired by 8bit. Some people seem to really hate this fact(e.g. "looks like total shit"). So after my game was branded as total shit with 15 bits graphics, 1 bit gameplay and poor fakebit aesthetics I really have to say... thank you! Thank you very, very much! : )
It never happened up to this point that a game of mine got so much attention and brought people´s minds to post so much creative comments. Sure it was a lot of criticism but the attention that the game got in the last few days is outstanding(the trailer had about 54 views at the end of day one and now it has 2.300!). I am so happy right now that people actually started talking about Retro Arcade Adventure and hopefully will continue to do so.
With personal respect: Thanks to the seven critics.
Oh and  people still talk about it. Just check out this awesome news by DIY Gamer:
Thanks to the guys and gals behind DIY Gamer too, you are great.
In conclusion: Things are starting to roll and I hope this was the real launch for SIACTRO. 

Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

Trailer is coming...tomorrow!

Yep...not much more to say! : D
Expect the first real trailer sometime tomorrow(depending on where you live of course).
I worked a bit on it today and will finish it after breakfast tomorrow but for now, good night.

Dienstag, 10. Januar 2012

Trailer coming in the next few days!

I guess the title says it all! Development on Retro Arcade Adventure is going very well so I will sit down tomorrow and do some scripting and testing for a first real trailer. If that is going well too than you can expect to see a nice little trailer of Retro Arcade Adventure in the next few days!
 I sure am excited to see a few responses to the changes of the game and all the new stuff.

Sonntag, 8. Januar 2012

More Screenshots!

Working is going well on the Game. Honestly speaking I don´t know what to write this time around. It is not like anything interesting happend to the Retro Arcade Adventure, it is just going well. So instead of telling another boring story I just show you guys some screenshots.