Freitag, 31. August 2012

Retro Arcade Adventure(PC) - A complete remake!

Good evenig to you all,

As I am working on the PC Port of Retro Arcade Adventure at the moment, I thought it would be a good idea to clarify the fact that this version of the game will be a complete remake.

Don`t expect fancy HD graphics or anything like that, but there are a lot of changes since the XBLIG version. As you may remember, the XBLIG version had some nasty loading screens. That was basically because my code just sucked and did not managed the given resources that well. This, and the enourmes bytesize let me to the decision of remaking the game`s code completely.

I also wasn`t all that satisfied anymore with a lot of other things in the game. When a nice little idea how to slightly improve the swordfighting hit me, I decided to completely remake the entire game.

So what can you expect from the PC Port? A lot of new stuff! New Gameplay! New Graphics! New Power Ups! New Story!

It will still be the same basic concept, things like the king or the dragon are still in there, but they are all improved while others are completely changed.

If you are not sure what to think of all this at the moment, just wait till I post the first screenshot(tomorrow!), maybe then you will understand why I am so excited to change so much.

For now, let me show you the evolution of Kamui from XBLIG to PC:

I hope you will enjoy the final release as much as I enjoy making it. There is no set releasedate yet but my goal is still, to release it this year in december.


Donnerstag, 16. August 2012

Retro Arcade Adventure - PC Port

Hello there,
As you may know by now, if you follow me on Twitter, things didn't turn out to be all that great for "A Forest Life". As I made good progress in the original concept, I realized that it was simply not as fun as I first thought it would be.

Since I can`t release a game that is not as fun as I want it to be and still consider myself a Gamedesigner I decided to let it rest for a few months and redesign parts of the original concept until it is a game I would proudly call my own.

As you remember I couldn't work on anything the past few months because I was as busy as...well someone who is really busy. So I can't just sit there and doing nothing but think about the concept. If you also remember the first Trailer of Retro Arcade Adventure, I promised to deliver the PC port later this year. If I want to keep that promise, I think that this is the right time to work on the PC Port.

So, that's it. My current situation explained. I can't give a specific date yet for when the PC Port of Retro Arcade Adventure will be released but I set the time around christmas as my personal goal since there is a lot to do(A lot of things need improvements in the original RAA).

I hope you weren't to excited for "A Forest Life" and still are able to look forward for Retro Arcade Adventure on your PC.

Yours sincerely,