Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012

Second Gamejam - Results!

Finally, here they are: The Results of our last gamejam.
This time I went even more retro and tried to build a short action adventure in the style of a famicom game.
It has no music but it is playable right here, right now in your browser! It is programmed in javascript because I thought it was a little much to download a whole SDK just to play a microgame(if you remember our last jam).

Wingman tried to make a little microgame about the one and only Leisure Suit Larry himself. He used java and eclipse but did not manage to get it done in the short amount of time. However, everyone interested in how a Leisure Suit Larry game in topdown view could work in eclipse, feel free to check it out.

As last time, here is the link for the recording if you want to see the stream:

Watch live video from LiveGamingabende mit Obi und Wing on TwitchTV
And here are the games for you, served in little mock up boxes for your enjoyment.

Princess Meli

Leisure Suit Larry eclipse

Freitag, 11. Mai 2012

A Forest Live - New Screenshots

Hey there,
As I was trying to make a little video with some footage of the game, I realized that my computer is not able to handle both, the game and the capturetool at the sametime. Now I need a solution for this(another computer to capture the footage or a capturetool for low spec machines). However I am not able to show you some gamefootage as of yet.*sadface*
But I am able to show you at least some new screenshots!
You can see some of the new enemysprites and the (rather simple) talk to a NPC in order to complete a quest.
In addition, you can see a feature I will explain at a later date(it has to do with attacking a small army).

Again, I am very sorry for not being able to show you some videofootage. As soon as I found a solution, I will make you the most sweetest video of them all!