Donnerstag, 30. April 2015

A bat never comes alone!

Well... I am back...yeay... Enough! Time to talk business! For those of you who followed me on twitter, youtube or facebook for the last two years you know that I left the XBLIG market behind me and focused on freeware games for a while. One of those games was "Kiwi 64" a hommage to Banjo Kazooie which I made after it seemed like the spiritual successor to BK wasn't going to happen(early 2014). People really liked it and wanted me to make more. However I didn't want to simply copy BK again so I developed a new concept that kind of combines the 3D Platformer with a classic Adventure game. As the main protagonist I developed a very british Bat called "Macbat". This game is meant to be a parody of the N64 era and is also heavily inspired by Steve Mayles Character artstyle and Steven Hurst's environment artstyle.
The big problem now is that Playtonic Games "YOOKA-LAYLEE" features a bat as one of the main characters. Now of course those two characters seem to have nothing in common but that probably won't stop some people from believing that I ripped Playtonic Games character off. Which, of course, I didn't do! I fuckin love those guys and I was stalking them ever since they came out into the daylight to show of there first teasers. Maybe this only shows how much I love there stuff because I designed the character Macbat with the goal to create a character that would be completely new in the universe of Rareware's games. To clarify this once and for all: Macbat was designed looong before I knew that Playtonic "Laylee" was going to be a bat. As proof(and a little bonus) I have a gameplayvideo for you guys from back in march feature music by the amazing Jay Moser(), who can hopefully forgive me for using his music again...
Maybe I am being a bit to paranoid with this whole thing. I doubt Playtonic Games will hate me for getting inspired by their work and who knows, maybe one day Macbat and Laylee will be joining each other on an adventure? I love you Steve and Steven! *kisses*