Freitag, 5. April 2013

RAAR PC version's "amazing" start...sorry

Hey there,
Chances are if you are following me on some social network thingy you will know by now that the PC version that was released yesterday is a complete failure since it refused to work on any PC at all.

After countless hours of work it looks like I was able to make a version that IS working on some PCs.
the new version can simply be found here:

Since it completely ruined the "24 hours free game - thingy" I will let that new version be free for all of you guys at least till the weekend is over. That is three days instead of one... sounds good?

If the game is still not working for some of you, please let me know.

I am really sorry for that whole mess.

It does not look like the Xblig version caused any issues. Maybe that was the more stable version. However I don't got many infos about it just yet.

Again, I am really sorry for that aweful start,



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